Hello everyone,

I am so excited to announce that we are sponsoring Kohler Racing for the 2023 race season!

A little about Kohler Racing and Driver Cameron:

Kohler Racing was established in 2020 which stemmed from a young kids undying love for racing and finally wanting to take it to the track. Cameron is currently on year 3 of racing and has an amazing following of fans, friends, and family by his side to support him. Cameron once shared with me "I loved the movie cars when I was a kid and it all makes sense now" Cameron is an inspiration to those young and old. He certainly works hard day in and day out to upkeep his cars along with his father by his side. (Make sure to follow Kohler Racing on Facebook to keep up on car updates, and race schedules!) 

A little on Ellie Jean and our part:

Ellie Jean Boutique was established in 2022, as myself (Daytona) am a stay at home mom to a little girl named Lillian-Grace. Cameron and I have known each other for quite some years, as i've always supported his racing dream he finally asked us to join the team as a sponsor, and part of his pit crew. I am here to make merchandise and apparel available for all to enjoy from near and far! 

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